“Penalty Card Shootout” is up. Finally….!!!!

Finally… after a long long time, my game Penalty Card Shootout is up and running on Kongregate. I submitted this game yesterday, and is under judgement. It took more time than what I had thought. Also because of my college I could not give much time but anyways it is complete and I am happy that it is working well.

Let me tell more about this game. Penalty Card Shootout or simply PCS is a card based Football Penalty Shootout game made in Unity3D. Player has to play against PC and select his cards for Kick and Save directions. If both – Player and PC cards are matched, it’s a Save, otherwise it is a GOAALLL!!. Player and PC will get 5 chances each. At the end, one with more goals will win the game.

Now I’m waiting for reviews and comments that will help me improve the game and my game development skills. That will take some time till then have a try at Penalty Card Shootout. To PLAY the game click on PCS logo above or link below :-


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Codecademy : Great website for beginners

Few days ago I stumbled across this website Codecademy. It has nice interactive way to learn basic programming languages like Javascript, HTML/CSS etc. Until few days, I didn’t know a word about Javascript so I decided to start taking these lessons on Codecademy. And I was pleased to see such an easy way to learn programming language. And the great thing is that it’s all for free. I’m just in love with this website. I want to say thanks to the creators of this website. You people are doing a great job and would like to see some more languages for people like me from Codecademy. Thanks.


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Brave – Behind the scenes

This is a behind the scenes video of Pixar’s Brave.

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Pixar’s Monsters University : First Look

And here is the first look of Disney – Pixar’s Monsters University. Releases next summer.

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Arjun – Official Trailer

Here is long awaited trailer of Arjun – The Warrior prince .

This one looks promising. The good thing is that UTV Pictures, the makers of this movie has joined hands with Walt Disney for this production. Hopefully it brings some life in Indian animation industry where animated movies are generally considered for children’s only.

Those who doesn’t understand Hindi dialogues head on to Cartoonbrew, a rough translation of dialogues is given there.

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Brave “Families Legend” Trailer

Have a look at this trailer from Pixar’s upcoming movie Brave.

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I’m Back : New features coming up on site

Hey friends, I’m back after a long time. Due to some reasons I could not update this site. Now I’m back and I will try to update this site as often as possible.

Now, I am trying to change the look and structure of this site to make it more readable and interesting. So, I will be posting news related to Animation and Game Development. This also includes trailers, reviews/ previews of upcoming games and movies. And yes some news about what is going on in and around our society/ country/ world.

Now back to the work, lots of work to do. Keep smiling and be happy. 🙂

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