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“Penalty Card Shootout” is up. Finally….!!!!

Finally… after a long long time, my game Penalty Card Shootout is up and running on Kongregate. I submitted this game yesterday, and is under judgement. It took more time than what I had thought. Also because of my college I could not give much time but anyways it is complete and I am happy that it is working well.

Let me tell more about this game. Penalty Card Shootout or simply PCS is a card based Football Penalty Shootout game made in Unity3D. Player has to play against PC and select his cards for Kick and Save directions. If both – Player and PC cards are matched, it’s a Save, otherwise it is a GOAALLL!!. Player and PC will get 5 chances each. At the end, one with more goals will win the game.

Now I’m waiting for reviews and comments that will help me improve the game and my game development skills. That will take some time till then have a try at Penalty Card Shootout. To PLAY the game click on PCS logo above or link below :-


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